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Continental Finance provides the Surge Credit Card. In addition, the SurgeCardInfo has more than 2.6 million customers throughout the world. Since the issuer reports your monthly payments to the three major credit bureaus, this card can be an effective tool for building credit.


You can improve your credit score with Surge Credit Cards and they are very easy to access through the Continental Finance website, but they also have a mobile application that works both on Android and iOS devices.

Continental Finance Mobile Application 

The Surge card from Continental Finance, which comes with its own mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS, provides the following benefits:

  • View a quick overview of your account, including your credit card balance, credit remaining for the month, the next payment due date, and a helpful notification if you are over your limit or late on a payment.
  • You can make a payment now or schedule one for the future.
  • Recent posted and pending transactions.
  • All of your past statements in one place.
  • Lost/Stolen card hotline services.


CFC MobileAccess is a free service offered to cardholders of:

  • The Verve Mastercard
  • The Reflex Mastercard
  • The Surge Mastercard
  • The Fit Mastercard
  • The Matrix Mastercard
  • The Cerulean Mastercard
  • The Build Mastercard

The Surge Mastercard credit card from Surge Card Info is an excellent choice for those who need to take out a loan for the first time or improve their credit profile by using it responsibly. After downloading CFC mobile app, you can check your Surge account balance, make online payments, and receive electronic statements.